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Ashwagandha Tablets: 2 Tablets Twice a Day after meal 

What is Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha, Also Popularly Known As Indian Ginseng, Is An Ancient Indian Medicinal Herb. Ashwagandha Is A Nourishing And Rejuvenating Herb That Strengthens The Body And Provides Physical And Mental Stamina. This Potent Herb Is Capable Of Invigorating The Body And Calming The Mind At The Same Time. It Enhances The Performance Of All The Bodily Tissues, Especially The Muscles. Since Ages, It Has Been Used To Raise Testosterone Levels That Significantly Boosts Sperm Quality And Fertility In Men. In Nature, Ashwagandha Is A Resilient Plant That Can Grow Even In Drought And Other Harsh Climates. Its Resilience Makes It A Natural Stress Management Supplement Because It Supports The Adrenal Functions And It Tones The Tissues, Muscles, Joints, And Bones. It Is A Powerful Herb That Can Be Used By Athletes As Well As Seniors To Enhance Their Performance. Ayurveda Recommends That Healthy People May Take Ashwagandha Daily For Optimal Energy For Daily Activities And Sound Sleep.

Why is Ashwagandha so popular right now? (Ashwagandha and Cortisol Management)

Well, a stressful time calls for super-relaxing methods and remedies. Ashwagandha seems to fit the bill for those who prefer herbal medicines for a number of reasons. Modern life is full of stress triggers. And that stress contributes to physical and mental illness and look for ways to feel better. 

A healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, a good diet, routine mindfulness practices and adequate sleep is key to building the resilience to respond and recover from stress. Along with that…Ashwagandha supplements can help manage cortisol levels in chronically stressed individuals.

Here are seven ways ashwagandha can help you with your overall Body wellness:

1. Boosts immunity

When you have weak immunity, your body’s energy is directed towards protecting itself from sickness. Ashwagandha helps in boosting your immune system and thus redirecting your energy back on the weight loss process. The herb also helps fight inflammation due to its anti-bacterial properties.

2. Rich in antioxidants

Ashwagandha is full of antioxidants that are essential for weight loss and overall well-being. These antioxidants speed up your metabolism, decrease inflammation and thus help in burning the stored fat in your body.

3. Helps in managing stress

One of the main causes of weight gain these days in the increased level of stress or high cortisol levels. One of the main causes of weight gain these days is the increased level of stress or high cortisol levels. When stressed, people tend to binge eat as increased cortisol levels trigger hunger by stimulating glucose production. This makes your body crave foods to replenish energy. Ashwagandha helps in relieving stress and thus promotes weight loss.

4. Helps you sleep better

Not getting enough good quality sleep can lead to hormone imbalance and increased stress, both of which can lead to weight gain. Ashwagandha can help people suffering from insomnia by improving their quality of sleep.

5. Increases energy levels

Ashwagandha regulates the adrenal glands and cortisol levels, which ultimately benefits the nervous system. This increases your overall energy and helps you during your intense workouts. Ashwagandha also decreases fatigue and increases endurance. It is rich in iron, which improves your blood circulation.

6. Helps in building muscle mass

Muscle mass is essential for any weight loss programme as it boosts your metabolism. High muscle mass is also related with good and sustained health.

7. Increase Libido

Stress affects fertility the most and men with high stress have low testosterone and a low sperm count. Whether it directly affects the reproductive system or if it’s powerful to bring down stress levels that causes the improvement is unknown but a strong co-relation has been found between ashwagndha and improvement in testosterone production and sperm health.


Take Two Tablets Twice a day with warm water or as directed by Physician.

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