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5 Ways to Fight Tiredness and Fatigue

10 May 2023

“Feeling tired all the time is very tiresome” and you need to start thinking about it. Physical Fatigue can be dealt with...after a good night’s sleep – Maybe. But, a Major concern for fatigue in our times resides in the mind. And, How do you alleviate that Stress and fatigue?

1. Nutrition: Eat often to beat tiredness

A great way to maintain energy throughout the day is to eat regular meals and healthy snacks every 3-4 hours, rather than eating large meals too often

2. Drink more water for better energy

Sometimes you feel tired simply because you're mildly dehydrated. A glass of water will do the trick, especially after exercise or constantly moving at work.

3. Relax Consciously

Just lay down and zero out the thoughts from the mind and focus on tired parts of the body. Try to connect with pain areas in your body. Try doing Shavasan, Yatikasana(1&2) or Makarasana. See what works for you.

4. Improve your Iron and B-12 Levels

Please check your iron and B12 levels in your body. Lack of or lower levels of these nutrients can make you feel anaemic and tired all the time. Vitamin B12 and/or iron deficiency can lead to a condition called megaloblastic anaemia, making you feel tired and weak. Get yourself checked for these levels in your body.

5. Most importantly Sleep Well with Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha promotes healthier sleep habits by regulating cortisol rhythms, but, as with any supplement, consistency is crucial. Start taking Ashwagandha consistently for at least 90 days if you're having trouble falling asleep due to stress and anxiety.

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